Rubbish Clearance in Camberwell, London

By September 14, 2020Uncategorized

This image is of an old garage in Camberwell on Bethwin Road. It shows what a state some buildings can get into if they are neglected and why a good rubbish clearance service is so important for both the local environment and for owners of old buildings. It’s shocking that someone could leave a property to get into such a state, especially in central London where properties of every size, shape and state can command huge sums of money. Camberwell may have suffered in the past when certain parts of the area were less than desirable but it’s stock of large period houses has always attracted buyers keen to be close to central London.

Another side of Camberwell

Camberwell is also quite an arty place with the Camberwell College of Arts providing a great anchoring of artistic output and talent from across the UK. The concept of art and decay is echoed in this picture, through decay comes renewal and whenever images of industrial waste are shown I always think what new thing will come in its wake. With the current trends for recycling and upcycling, especially by artists and interior designers, it seems there is always something interesting and inventive that can be created from the items that many people would consider to be rubbish.

Serious rubbish clearance required

A site like this needs a good few skips though to get it in shape, probably a few tons of rubble would have to be shifted and note the inflow of street waste that has accumulated. In a way street refuse will timestamp any site like this that needs rubbish clearance.

Looks like the whole thing will need to be demolished and rubble removal needed, which of course is no problem for our team of rubbish clearance experts.

Image courtesy of Secret London at Flickr