Recycle your Barbecue

By September 14, 2020Uncategorized

Most local councils in England and Wales now provide recycling bins so that we can all do our bit to preserve our environment. Unfortunately they haven’t necessarily collaborated with each other and different councils in nearby towns have different systems of recycling.

Recycle rules different in neighbouring councils

For instance one town just outside London provides a large green bin for garden waste, a large blue bin for glass bottles and cans (but not cardboard or paper) and a smaller bin just for food waste (which is recycled to power the local buses no less).

A town 8 miles away, meanwhile, has a large green bin that can take garden waste and food waste, and a large purple bin (whoever thought of that colour?) for glass, cans, cardboard, paper and pretty much anything else that is recyclable.

Very confusing for anyone recently moved bewteeen the 2 towns. In fact, as yoy travel the country you can see an assortment of different colour and sized recylcing bins – of course, it’s great that we can recycle without going to the local bottle bank or tip but I do wish that councils had assl discussed together the best approach instead of all doing their own thing.

Most councils have been recycling Christmas trees for many years but now they are turning their attention to summer items. Several councils in and around London are letting everyone know that you can even recycle your barbecue, along with a lot of other summer items. A great reminder to people how easy recycling is and that you can now recycle almost anything – although maybe not in your own colour-coded bin by the back door.

Hopefully all councils will take up this idea of recycling barbecues and promote it; then we won’t have to live with rusting barbecues in our gardens when summer is over.

Image courtesy of rosipaw at Flickr