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South West London is located between the countryside of Surrey and Central London. It is one of the most special and prosperous residential districts in the country. 

The best thing is that South West London is over the boroughs of Kensington and Chelsea, Fulham, Hammersmith, and Kingston upon Thames. Further, it is the center for its nearby villages that makes it home for the people coming from those villages. 

Therefore, south west London is a mixture of both religion and culture. So, various churches and synagogues are there to fulfill the religious needs of the people.

It currently has 1.6 million residents and population is increasing day by day, which means residential area is also increasing. With the rapid growth of resident and commercial buildings, the need for efficient waste collection services is also increasing.

Here, at Enviro, we offer excellent skip hire services in South West London. We focus on providing the best solution for your commercial as well as residential waste requirements.


Enviro Skip Hire vs other South West London Skip Hire Companies 


1. South West London Waste Management Alternatives

At Enviro Skip Hire we understand that sometimes South West London skip hire services might not exactly what you're looking for. When comparing us to the competition, our experts can offer you the most suitable waste management alternatives to suit your wants and needs. Whether you require hazardous waste disposal, a man with a van or asbestos removal, we have the right option for you.


2. South West London Skip Hire Permits

What separates us from the rest is that we have a South West London skip hire team who understand the permit requirements and knowledge in your area. Skip hire in South West London doesn't need to be complicated, and with our dedicated experts, we make sure the process is as efficient as possible.


3. Range of South West London Skip Hire Sizes

Unlike other local skip hire companies, we offer a wide range of South West London skip hire sizes, ideal for your project. To find out more, click here!

The base price to hire a 6 yard skip in Brent Cross is around £220. There could be additional costs you may end up paying, such as VAT and parking fees for a controlled parking zone (CPZ) or a council property. 

On an average, you pay £195 for renting a 4 yard skip, £215 for a 6 yard skip, £275 for a 12 yard skip, and £340 for a 16 yard skip. 

In all London boroughs, you require skip permits, and their costs fluctuate in London according to the local authority.

Booking a skip with Enviro Skip Hire couldn’t be easier. Just select your skip size and fill out the contact form here or give us a call at 0203 468 4445

In Brent Cross, you could hire skip of different sizes. These include mainly the following:

  • 4 yard: Height – 3ft 2in, length – 6ft, width – 4ft 3in, and 30 – 40 bin bags
  • 6 yard: Height – 4ft, length – 8ft 6in, width – 5ft, 50 – 60 bin bags
  • 8 yard: Height – 4ft, length – 12ft, width – 5ft 6in, 60 – 80 bin bags
  • 12 yard: Height – 5ft 6in, length – 12ft 2in, width – 5ft 10in, 100 – 120 bin bags

Some larger bins are available, but you can rent those only with a special permission from the local authority and for special needs only.

Sometimes, skip hire may not work for you. In such cases, you need to find out an alternative solution. 

In NW London, you will find the same waste disposal options that you would find in other surrounding areas. There are various dump sites that accept both commercial and household waste. Thus, tipping is your ideal option for regular waste disposal. 

Many areas in NW London are also served by recycling and waste management options delivered by the local authority. Enviro Skip Hire also offer various rubbish removal and clearance services that ca serve as an excellent alternative to skip hire.

Our Skip hire FAQ’s can be found here

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