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Hendon is an urban area of London that is situated in the Borough of Barnet and is 11 km to the northwest of Charing Cross. The area is filled with many famous buildings and has many localities near it.

Hendon is most well-known for the RAF museum and has famous buildings as well as trending shops.

Hendon Central is one of the busiest areas in the district and has many offices as well as tube stations. Builders are building many new homes, flats, shops, offices, and other construction in Hendon. This is why the area is in regular need of skip hire services.

If you are looking for affordable and best skip hire in Hendon, then look no further than Enviro Skip Hire. We are available for all types of demolition works, new build construction, home renovations, and more projects. 

The base price to hire a 4-yard skip in Hendon is £190. There could be additional costs and VAT that you need to pay with every skip size.

On average, you need to pay £225 for a 6-yard skip, £275 for an 8-yard skip, and £310 for a 12-yard skip.

Booking a skip with Enviro Skip Hire couldn’t be easier. Just select your skip size and fill out the contact form here or give us a call at 0203 468 4445

In Hendon, you can rent skip of different sizes. These include mainly the following:

  • 4 yard: This skip size is best for the area of height – 3ft 2in, length – 6ft, width – 4ft 3in, and 30 – 40 bin bags
  • 6 yard: It is best for area size of height – 4ft, length – 8ft 6in, width – 5ft, 50 – 60 bin bags
  • 8 yard: Choose 8 yard skip size for area of height – 4ft, length – 12ft, width – 5ft 6in, 60 – 80 bin bags
  • 12 yard: Height – 5ft 6in, length – 12ft 2in, width – 5ft 10in, 100 – 120 bin bags

At Enviro Skip Hire, you also have the options of larger bins, and you can opt for those too for special needs.

If you’re not sure about which size skip would fit best your needs, we offer to skip size guide to you.

Sometimes, skip hiring Hendon is not possible or nor work. In such cases, you need to look for alternatives to skip hire.

In Hendon, we offer you a man and van waste disposal services. Our professionals can carry all your debris in the truck and leave you with a clean area.

We offer dumb facilities for both commercial and residential areas. You can call us anytime for all types of skip services and waste collection services in Hendon.

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