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Part of Buckinghamshire, Milton Keynes is one of South East England's most northern towns. It is now one of the most prosperous places in South East England, having long since abandoned its reputation as a concrete new town.

For commuters who must travel to Birmingham or London, Milton Keynes is at a prime location. The city is ideally located near both of these major cities; it takes an hour and a half to drive from Milton Keynes to the core of Birmingham and London.

Are you in need of a skip hire in Milton Keynes? Our bespoke Milton Keynes Skip Hire service has the solution for you.


Enviro Skip Hire vs other Milton Keynes Skip Hire Companies


Milton Keynes Waste Management Alternatives

At Enviro Skip Hire, we understand that sometimes you might not always want to use our skip hire services in Milton Keynes. Unlike other businesses in the industry, we have a team of professionals accessible to provide you the best solutions for the clearing and disposal of waste and hazardous materials. To get the intended result, we provide every waste disposal alternative.

Milton Keynes Skip Hire Permits

Our team of skip hire experts in Milton Keynes guarantees a straightforward and hassle-free skip hiring experience by having the necessary local knowledge and being knowledgeable about all facets of skip hire permits and licenses.


We can accommodate the hiring out of a range of sized skips in Milton Keynes, including 4, 6, 8 and 12 yard skips. The prices for skips in Milton Keynes start from:

4 yard - £185+VAT

6 yard - £205+VAT

8 yard - £235+VAT

12 yard - £305+VAT

So if you are looking for affordable skip hire in Milton Keynes then look no further as Enviro Skip Hire has you covered.


Booking a skip with Enviro Skip Hire couldn’t be easier. Simply select your skip size or give us a call on 0203 468 4445 to speak to a member of our team.

If you are not sure which size skip is right for your needs, the following list of skip sizes equal to standard rubbish sacks will help you choose:

  • 4 yard skip = 40 refuse sacks
  •  6 yard skip = 60 refuse sacks
  • 8 yard skip = 80 refuse sacks
  • 10 yard skip = 100 refuse sacks
  • 12 yard skip = 120 refuse sacks

Can’t see  your required skip size? Have a look at our skip hire calculator to help you decide

Although our skips cover a range of sizes and types to accommodate different waste streams and pricing requirements, not all waste can be disposed of in skips, particularly hazardous waste like asbestos, chemicals like paints and solvents, and materials such as tyres and glass.

We offer a separate service for hazardous waste specifically to tackle waste streams that are difficult to dispose of, which cause damage to the environment if they are not handled correctly.

Find out more about Hazardous Waste Disposal from Enviro Skip Hire

We have a dedicated FAQ page to answer your most asked questions about skip hire covering restricted contents, guidance on choosing a skip, and useful information on licenses and parking permits. You can also give us a call with any skip related queries on 0203 468 4445 and speak to a member of our team.

Please note prices listed are for guidance and your final quote will depend on your location
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