Confidential Waste shredding and Disposal in London

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    Confidential Waste Disposal in London

    Enviro Skip Hire can assist you with the collection, recycling and disposal of all your waste. In cooperation with fully licensed and well trained service providers you can rest assured that your waste will be dealt with in a responsible manner both efficiently and effectively.
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    What is Confidential Waste?

    Confidential waste consists of personal, financial, or legal information in the form of letters and other document hard copies or sensitive information that is digitally stored on computer hard drives and electronic devices. Business data such as financial plans, copyright information and shareholder details are also considered to be the intellectual property of an organisation and therefor confidential to the business.

    Confidential waste shredding services are frequently used by businesses and individuals to safely and securely dispose of sensitive information to protect company data and personal details in accordance with GDPR regulations. A strict code of conduct applies to confidential waste disposal under the Data Protection Act to safeguard against data being lost or stolen. Business can meet their legal objectives for secure confidential waste disposal by being aware of the risks involved and using a licensed waste carrier to ensure that all confidential waste is disposed of properly.

    How do I book a confidential waste disposal?

    If you require a Waste Collection, simply give us a call or send an email via our contact form. Ideally we would need a breakdown or inventory of what materials you have. Once we have received the inventory we will be able to provide you with a price for the collection and disposal of your waste.

    Call us on 020 3468 4445 to speak to a member of our team.

    Why should I pick Enviro Skip Hire for my disposal?

    Here are 7 more reasons why you should use Enviro. We’re local to you – all of our services are performed in London by locally-based employees who are fully trained and vetted. You can watch your confidential assets as they pass from bin to shredder or see them disappear into the depository at our 24-hour, CCTV camera and electronic keypad system protected facility. We are ISO 27001, 14001 certified.


    What are the costs of Confidential Waste disposal?

    Confidential paper shredding starts at about £50 +VAT for individuals and organisations per sack, with a starting price of £60 +VAT to shred confidential documents at the client’s home or office. A good home shredding console also starts at about £50, so for one off shredding that includes a certificate of destruction, transportation and secure disposal, a confidential waste disposal service is a cost-effective option for most individual needs. We also use machines with an industry level shred grade to further protect your personal information.

    Digital hard drive wiping starts at around £30 +VAT for each laptop or desktop computer, using the most up to date software available. Hard drive shredding is carried out at secure facilities using specialist equipment, so bear in mind that transporting the hard drive to the shredding facility incurs an extra cost.

    Specialist Confidential Waste Disposal Services

    Paper Shredding

    Our paper shredding services offer the highest level of security for individuals and businesses of all sizes, ensuring that we meet all your requirements for confidential waste disposal and compliance standards for safeguarding your information.  We can shred paper on site, or it can be safely stored in tamper proof waste sacks which are cross shredded along with the documents at the recycling facility. We supply all clients with the appropriate waste transfer notes and certificates of destruction to confirm that all confidential paper waste has been successfully disposed of, and our experienced waste transfer teams operate a fully traceable service with clear lines of accountability for safe document disposal.

    Hard Drive Shredding

    While we seek to keep hard drives intact where possible so they can be reused, we shred hard drives where required by GDPR laws affecting businesses, or by individuals who need a higher level of protection for their personal data.

    Server hard drives and hard drives from company PCs, laptop computers and handheld devices can all be shredded using state of the art machinery, which allows computer chipsets to be separated from the plastic housing and shredded so that individual components and precious metals can be retrieved and sent to a materials recovery facility (MRF). We also supply inventory reports for computers that have been transported in bulk, and consignment notes to show where hard drives have been transported for processing.

    Personal confidential waste disposal

    For individuals seeking to protect their personal data we offer hard drive wiping and paper shredding services for our residential and commercial clients at competitive prices, securing your personal data at every stage of the waste journey. As an environmentally conscious waste carrier, we transport confidential waste to secure recycling facilities after it has been shredded to a high standard to protect your personal information. We also use the latest hard drive wiping software to allow computer hard drives to be recycled safely, and if you need us to completely shred your hard drive, we ensure that all recyclable materials are recovered at the best local recycling facilities.

    Confidential Waste Bins

    Storing confidential documents before collection presents a risk to employees within an organisation and requires a secure procedure to be followed by all staff on site to avoid a breach in data. We make the process straightforward and secure by providing lockable confidential waste bins and secure shredding consoles to businesses, significantly reducing the risk of sensitive documents being accidentally leaked or shared while awaiting collection. We also provide lockable wheelie bins for whole paper documents, along with recyclable tamper proof sacks to provide an extra level of security.

    Business and personal data handling

    We provide business shredding for commercial premises and personal paper shredding and data disposal for individuals and households

    Secure recycling of confidential waste

    We recycle confidential waste where possible at secure facilities to help reduce the environmental impact of breaking down tough materials such as plastic

    Industry leading data wiping software

    Our confidential waste disposal teams can collect from your home and place of business and wipe hard drives for you using professional software.

    Quick paper shredding

    Our waste carriers can offer industry grade shredding and issue an official certificate of destruction for your records in as little as 24 hours
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