Best Green Tweeters

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Global Action Plan
Have helped over 750,000 people make practical changes for the environment. A charity whose behaviour change projects are endorsed by UNEP.

The Ecologist
Setting the environmental agenda since 1970.

James Murray
Editor of – tweeting in a personal capacity, check out @BusinessGreen for the official feed

Andy Revkin
Pursuing progress on a finite planet at @dotearth and

Climate Progress
Blog dedicated to providing the progressive perspective on climate science, climate solutions, and climate politics. Tweets by @AndBrei

We’re an online news organization that uses humor to interpret green issues & inspire environmental action.
Links, Ideas and Conversation from the TreeHugger hive mind, the latest in modern green.

Green Leap Forward
by Julian Wong, aspiring systems thinker, cleantech start-ups attorney, ex-policy wonk @CAPenergypolicy & @energy, founding chair of @BJEnergyNetwork

Kate Sheppard
Reporter/enviro editor at @HuffPostPol, VP of membership at @sejorg, and grad student at @AmericanU. Fan of the serial comma.

Thermodynamic Water Heating Essex

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Benefits of Thermodynamic Water Heating

  • Heats water through the day and night all year round
  • Operates in all weathers down to -15 degrees C
  • Provides 100% of hot water requirements
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Can be used for domestic hot water, swimming pools, large volume water heating and central heating
  • Fast payback period
  • New build or retro fit

Unlike Solar PV panels, thermodynamic panels do not solely rely on the sun, but instead absorb heat energy from the atmosphere, which is how they can work night and day, irrespective of the weather conditions.

The system uses reverse refrigeration technology. A refrigerant fluid fills and circulates the panels absorbing heat energy from the atmosphere. This increase in temperature changes the fluid into gas, which passes through the compressor and the temperature increases. Hot gas then flows through a heat exchanger, which transfers the heat to produce hot water.

The system comprises two main components – an aluminium black-coated panel fitted externally on either the roof or wall, and a cylinder and compressor unit housed in a fully-insulated casing along with the electronics.

The panel is capable of collecting energy from both sides of the panel in a repetitive cycle, providing hot water at 55oC. The panel doesn’t have to be south facing, and will still produce hot water whether it faces south, east, west or north.

It is the ideal product for green, environmentally friendly water heating in a cool climate such as the UK and can potentially provide huge savings in fuel bills becasue of it’s low running costs.

These are some suppliers of thermodynamic solar heating systems:

Ultima Solar
Solar Concepts
Enviro Glaze
Magic Thermodynamic Box
Thermodynamic Heating Systems



Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons

Recycling Platinum from the Roads of London

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The roads of Essex are literally paved in gold, and so are the roads of London and other major cities too. In fact any place that has modern cars with catalytic converters regularly driving along its roads, which are contributing to a build up of valuable metals. This is because a catalytic converter is made from precious metals such as Platinum. Rhodium and Paladium and exudes a small amount of these elements in the exhaust fumes of the car which settle onto the road surface, pavements and even street furniture.

One waste removal and recycling company, Veolia Environment, is intending to harvest this precious metallic crop from the streets of the UK’s major cities. A factory has already been built at Ling Hall in Warwickshire which will use a high tech process to extract the precious metals which come out of car exhausts and which are gathered up via it’s street cleaning processes.

The company says this is a worthwhile business in countries that have expensive landfill. They hope to double the revenue from recycling Platinum and other valuable metals to 5 billion Euros and are looking at new methods to recycle the tons of refuse it collects from each other.

Exhaust Pipes

Recycling platinum from streets driven by increased demand

The demand for Palladium, Platinum and Rhodium have increased significantly after mines in South Africa, the main source of these metals, have gone on strike and because of the increasing use of catalytic converters in new cars.

The company currently makes around £100,000 from this operation which means it can charge less for its street-cleaning services, which it uses to gather the raw materials that are recycled and from which the metals will be extracted.

Not that you would want to take to the streets of London or go skip diving in Dagenham looking for Platinum, you will after all require quite sophisticated equipment to make it worthwhile.

Featured Image source

Rubbish Collection Timetables

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If you just have too much rubbish for your regular rubbish collection service from your local council then you may want to hire one of our cheap skips. They come in all sizes and can often be delivered on the same day as you order it so why not give us a call on 020 3468 4445 to hear how soon we can get to you with a skip.


rubbish collection


Below is a list of links to the regular rubbish collection timetables in some of the areas we cover in and around London, including details on recycling and holday waste collections.

Rubbish Collection Information:

Ealing: Click here

Dagenham: Click here

Romford: Click here

Ilford: Click here

Hounslow: Click here

Uxbridge: Click here

Sutton: Click here