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As asbestos removal specialists with over 10 years of experience, we provide a fully licensed service removing every type of asbestos from roofing and interiors. We fully risk assess each job thoroughly to provide expert removal that minimises risks caused by disturbance or breakage of asbestos material, using removal methods that eliminate the risk of exposure to hazardous, harmful fibres and reduce risks to health.

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Asbestos Removal FAQ

Why is asbestos dangerous? - +

Asbestos is a very dangerous substance to human health, there are a range of types of asbestos, and it has been used a lot for building. The issues arise once the substance is disturbed and becomes airborne.

Disturbing asbestos must be done under qualified conditions.

The reason it is so dangerous is because of the risks it poses to human health once inhaled, if this occurs it is likely to create lung disease which could be fatal, disabling at least. Asbestos also poses a risk to the property if disturbed, as it can be found in common places around a property including roofing, piping etc. In the instance that it is disturbed and is in a pipe this could mean a significant amount of refurbishment work is required to secure the area and put it back to being safe to occupy.

When should asbestos get removed? - +

Asbestos should only get removed if it is needed to do so, for example if there is going to be refurbishment done on the property, or if it has accidentally been disturbed. Asbestos that is present in a building that has not been disturbed should not be touched, there is no need to disturb it for no reason.

Once it has been disturbed however then it should be removed immediately under specific, qualified conditions by approved contractors.

Can I get a grant to remove my asbestos? - +

You used to be able to apply for grants via the national grant scheme for asbestos roof removal, however this ended in 2018. Currently there is no available grant available so the customer would need to pay for the full cost of the asbestos disposal themselves.

The key however is to ensure that the asbestos is removed safely, in accordance with the associated health and safety protocol as quickly as possible so it doesn’t pose a threat to anyone within the vicinity.

In any case you are encouraged to speak to an expert and one of our friendly staff members are always happy to help with any asbestos removal requirement.

What is Asbestos? - +

If you’re not familiar with asbestos, you’re probably not alone. Asbestos is a naturally occurring material that is widely used in construction for its wide range of useful properties. Unfortunately, it was established that the material is harmful to human health, causing cancer and other diseases.

How is Asbestos Removed? - +

Where asbestos has been found, we will first isolate it to prevent the fibres from spreading and take safety precautions to remove the material carefully, handling it with care to prevent it from causing harm to people and the environment. We also check for asbestos as a routine part of our strip out service, removing it where required to keep our employees safe while they carry out the work.

After we have removed the asbestos we contain and transport it to a licensed waste facility where it can be safely processed and issue a hazardous waste consignment note to the producer of the waste to evidence that the waste has been transferred and disposed of lawfully.

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What is the cost of asbestos removal? - +

The following price guide lists some of the more common scenarios where asbestos removal is required:

Asbestos Removal Price
Ventilation pipe £350+VAT per meter
Bungalow guttering and rainwater pipes £1000+VAT
Garage roof £1000-£1500+VAT
Bungalow roof £2000-£2500+VAT
Customer Support - +

Our knowledgeable team give guidance on pricing, safe clearance procedures, and the legal
documents required to ensure that clients and staff are protected against the health hazards
presented by asbestos. For more information on asbestos removal please contact a member of the team on 02034684445.

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