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16 Yard Industrial Maxi Skips are suitable for

Major domestic & commercial projects
Construction projects
Storing Bulky Items
Size Height Length Width
16 cubic yards 6.5ft 14ft 5.5ft
Size 16 cubic yards
Height 6.50ft
Length 14ft
Width 5.50ft
From £360 + VAT
Please note prices listed are for guidance and your final quote will depend on your location

What are 16 yard skips for?

This is a huge skip very popular to commercial clients for disposing of great amounts of construction waste. These skips are very convenient for getting rid of heavy materials and bulky items.

A 16-yard skip is an excellent choice for getting rid of substantial amounts of waste, and it is the perfect size for disposing of bulky items and heavy materials. Which makes it very popular for removing waste yielded by constructions sites and other industrial operations.

It is ideal for very large landscaping projects as well as full property clearance and construction projects.

Taking multiple trips to your local waste disposal centre is time consuming, and it requires a lot of fuel. Fly-tipping is not only illegal, it causes pollution, ruins peoples living spaces and costs taxpayers money to clean up. Enviro Skip Hire is the best way to remove your household waste.

Wait & Load

Service available on this skip size.

Level Loads Only

Containers are only to be filled so they form a level top with the side of the skip. If the driver considers the load unsafe we will be unable to move the container. If overloaded, but considered safe to transport, a surcharge will be levied.

Hazardous Materials

No hazardous materials must be placed in the skip, including but not limited to, asbestos, fridges, tv’s or other monitors, tyres, liquids, pyrotechnics, paints and solvents. Materials of this type placed in a skip could endanger our staff and will incur the hirer additional charges or the material returned to your site.

Burning in the Skip

Fires are not permitted in the containers.

Council Permit Required for Hiring a 16 Yard Skip

If you are going to place your hired skip on a council land, you will have to secure a council permit. The cost of a council permit is different from one council to another, so it’s best that you ask the skip

Please note prices listed are for guidance and your final quote will depend on your location
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